At Pennicott Weir Lawyers, our solicitors have over 30 years of experience in the area of criminal law.

Whether you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offence, it is essential that you receive counsel from an experienced criminal lawyer. Our firm will be able to assist you with navigating the daunting and complicated process.

The type of criminal law work that Pennicott Weir Lawyers has had experience with includes bail applications, guilty pleas, trials, as well as court appeals. Our firm has extensive experience in defence work for all offences including, but not limited to, drug trafficking, violence, theft, fraud, sexual matters, murders, and driving offences including death by dangerous driving.

As well as criminal and traffic law, the firm accepts instructions in the areas of crimes confiscation and criminal injuries compensation.

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Specifically, the areas of practice covered by Pennicott Weir Lawyers are:

  • Criminal Offences including Bail applications
  • Traffic and Driving Offences - specialising in Drug and Drink Driving Offences (PCA & DUI)
  • Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) - Domestic & Personal


Do you need the skills of a local lawyer who specialises in criminal law?

Do not waste your dollars or put your liberty at risk with inexperienced lawyers who only dabble in criminal law.

Come and see John Weir - He has over 30 years of solid criminal law experience.

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