Last Will and Testament

If you want to leave your property or assets to particular people after you have passed away, then it is necessary to have your Will drafted by an experienced Solicitor. Drafting a Will may seem scary and confronting, but at Pennicott Weir Lawyers we will make this process as smooth as possible.

At Pennicott Weir Lawyers, we can assist you to create your Will that accurately reflects your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets after your death. When your Will is complete, we will ensure that your Will is properly executed, signed, witnessed, and the original stored safely with us at no cost to. This will minimise the risk of any disputes or challenges to its validity arising after your death.

If you already have a valid Will, and only need to make small changes or updates, then our Solicitors can also assist you by adding a Codicil to your Will. It is important to update your Will if you have recently experienced a significant life event, such as marriage, divorce, birth of children or grandchildren, or acquiring substantial assets.

If you are interested in our fee’s for drafting your will, contact Pennicott Weir Lawyers on the details below to book in.

Enduring Power Of Attorney

When having your will created, this is a great opportunity to also draft an Enduring Power of Attorney document (EPOA). A EPOA document is a legal document that grants someone else the authority to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make decisions for yourself due to mental incapacity. An ACT EPOA will cover both financial and medical/health decisions, and a NSW equivalent will require both an EPOA and a separate Enduring Guardianship to be prepared to cover you in such circumstances.

When you us to draft your EPOA documents, Pennicott Weir Lawyers can provide you all due guidance, and ensure compliance with your respective state’s legislation, and tailor the documents to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Estate Administration

When a person passes away, their estate needs to be administered and distributed in accordance with their Will. If there is no Will for the deceased or an invalid Will, Letter of Administration can also be applied for and managed through our firm. Our Solicitors can guide the executor, or the proposed administrator of the estate, through the complex process of probate whilst minimizing the potential for disputes.

In matters where disputes arise regarding the contents of a Will, the distribution of assets, or the validity of a Will, Pennicott Weir Lawyers can provide guidance, mediate disputes, and if necessary, represent our clients in court.

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