Marriage breakdown and separation can be overwhelming for many reasons, not the least that quick and suitable decisions need to be reached on living arrangements for children and their time spent with their parents. Shannon has had in excess of 12 years advocating in Children's matters, and now applies her knowledge and skills in the Family Law area to best represent her clients, whether they be the parents, extended family, or the children themselves.

Similarly, financial matters following marriage breakdown and separation are also confronting to experience, and it is essential that joint assets and joint debts are managed during the interim period before a final property settlement is reached, or litigated. Let Shannon guide you through this financial process that necessitates full and frank disclosure from all sides, and ensuring that an outcome reached is both fair and equitable as is required by the law.

We frequently act and advise Family Law clients in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. If you need a Family Law solicitor to protect your interests, please contact us to make an appointment.