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When dealing with family-related issues, it is important to know what your rights and obligations are under the law. Our Solicitors at Pennicott Weir Lawyers can assess your specific situation and provide guidance on the best course of action.

Divorce & Separation

Marriage breakdown and separation can be overwhelming for many reasons, not the least that quick and suitable decisions need to be reached on living arrangements for children and their time spent with their parents.

When it comes to the sensitive issue of arrangements for children following separation of parents, Shannon Pennicott can assist by navigating the developing of a parenting plan, negotiating live-with and time-with arrangements, and if necessary, file proceedings in court. Shannon has also had more than 15 years advocating in Children’s Court matters, and now applies her knowledge and skills in the Family Law area to best advise her clients.

Shannon also has experience negotiating the division of assets and liabilities, following separation. It is essential that joint assets and joint debts are managed during the interim period before a final property settlement is reached or litigated before the court.  You will be guided through this financial process that necessitates full and frank disclosure from all sides to ensure that an outcome reached is both fair and equitable as is required by the law.

Pennicott Weir Lawyers can act for and advise Family Law Clients from all jurisdictions, and is especially convenient for ACT and NSW based clients with offices in Gungahlin, Wagga Wagga and Hay. If you need a Family Law solicitor to protect your interests, please contact Pennicott Weir Lawyers on the details below to book an appointment.

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